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FAQs For Conference Planners/Organizers

In order to add your upcoming event (whatever it may be - a conference, seminar, symposium, lecture or any other sort of academic event), all you have to do is get on the home page of the conferenceineurope.net website and click on the 'Add Event' option.

Along with adding your event to the listing on the conferenceineurope.net website, you can also attach supplementary details including

● Date/Dates when your event will be held,

● Venue, city, and other location information,

● URL for your upcoming event,

● Deadline info for all paper submissions/presentations,

● Topics of discussion/theme of the event,

● Program schedule,

● Registration info,

● Organizer contact details, and

● Any other relevant information.

No, adding your upcoming event to this website does not cost a single penny and is absolutely free-of-cost!
At the most, it will take 12 hrs for your event to formally be listed on the conferenceineurope.net website after adding it.
Yes, any information pertaining to the event that you have added on to the conferenceineurope.net website can be edited, appended and modified at any time by simply logging in to the event panel and making the required changes

Sure! All you have to do for your upcoming events to be promoted even more on this website is to send an email about your intention to do so to the following email address - [email protected].

Our team will subsequently get back to you with relevant details such as -

● Diverse advertisement plans that you can choose from,

● Promotion period, etc.

Each year, an organizer is allowed to add a maximum of 50 events to the event listing on this website from their account.

FAQs for Subscribers

The procedure to subscribe to conferenceineurope.net is extremely simple and straightforward!

All you have to do is get on to the homepage of the conferenceineurope.net website and then click on the 'Subscribe' option.

Subsequently, you will be required to provide some basic information such as your

● Name,

● Email address,

● Phone number,

● Field/topic/subject of study & interest, and

● Country.

This website finds out the most appropriate and relevant international as well as regional conferences for you, by getting to know your exact requirements such as -

● Your preferred location,

● Preferred date/time,

● Preferred topic/field/subject of study & interest,

● Registration deadlines and more!

Not a single penny! Subscribing to this website is totally free-of-charge!

Sure! At any point in time, a person can have both an organizer account as well as a subscriber account on the conferenceineurope.net website!

Conferences offer a variety of advantages to delegates. Some of these benefits include the chance to - ● Learn about the most recent advancements, ● Interact with people whom they admire, ● Gain inspiration, ● Network with peers, ● Acquire critical collaborative opportunities, ● Progress their career, ● Spread awareness about their groundbreaking research work, ● Gain awareness about the latest tools & strategies being used in their fields, and more!

General FAQs

The average conference delegate is researcher, scientist, academician, scholar, entrepreneur, or business person. Individuals involved in such professions have little to no free time to do the things that they love, like spending time with their families, chores, day-to-day responsibilities, etc, leave alone spending time to search for relevant information on what upcoming conferences to attend!

This is where a trustworthy conference alerts provider such as conferenceineurope.net comes into play! Here, anybody who is eager to attend upcoming conferences can simply subscribe to our conference alerts and rest assured that they will receive periodic notifications on their favorite upcoming conferences, without having to -

● Waste any time searching the internet,

● Look for trustworthy sources, and most importantly,

● Spend any money!

At conferenceineurope.net, we take our subscribers very seriously!

That is why, we have a dedicated team of professionals, whose sole task is to verify all the details/information posted on this website for their -

● Accuracy,

● Reliability,

● Relevancy,

● Up-to-date and more!

For this very reason millions of European researchers, scientists, scholars, academicians, and others, find that conferenceineurope.net is the most trustworthy source of information on upcoming conferences scheduled to take place all across the continent.

Conferenceineurope.net offers information on every field/subject/topic of study that one can imagine! Right from Law, Engineering & Technology, Applied Sciences & Medicine, Business & Economics, Mathematics and Life Sciences you are likely to find information on upcoming conferences in every existing field today!
Conference in Engineering & Technology
Conference in Science & Medicine
Conference in Mathematics & Statistics
Conference in Life Science
Conference in Business & Economics
Conferenceineurope.net provides information on upcoming conferences scheduled to take place all across the European continent! Whether you live in Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and Germany in this website will offer you information on upcoming events in all country all over European continent!
Conference in France
Conference in Italy
Conference in Switzerland
Conference in Sweden
Conference in Germany
Conference in Belgium
In order to find conferences relevant to your specific field/fields of interest, all you have to do is head over to conferenceineurope.net and type in the name of your field in the 'Search Here' bar, which is present on the homepage of the website! If you are looking for upcoming conferences according to the month and date, then all you have to do is click on the 'Conference Calendar' option on the homepage of this website, where you will be shown a complete list of conferences. You can then click on the month of your preference, whatever it may be, either 'January', 'March', 'December', or otherwise, to view the conferences that are scheduled to take place in that particular month of the year.

Although there are numerous providers of information on conferences and conference organizers/planners that exist today, it is highly important to find the most trustworthy and reliable provider of information on upcoming conferences because failing to do can lead to the following -

● Loss of precious time,

● Loss of valuable resources & money,

● Getting scammed by phony conference organizers/planners,

● Identity theft

● Theft of personal information, etc.