VISA Process for Attending a Conference in London 2023

VISA Process for Attending a Conference in London
Attending a Conference in London 2023

On the basis of whether one is a resident of a country of Switzerland and any of the countries that fall within the European Economic Area, or outside of these countries, one can opt to apply for a travel VISA pay a visit to the United Kingdom in order to take part in an international Conference in London 2023, in the following two ways. 


For Those From The The European Economic Area & Switzerland

Presently, the United Kingdom’s visas and immigration bureau grants visa waivers/waivers to nationals of European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland. Those who are residents of countries that are not eligible for a visa waiver or are unsure whether or not they should need to apply for a short-stay visa to enter the UK to attend an academic conference they’re looking forward to taking part in should check out the next section. 


As part of their UK visa process, one may be required to submit an invitation letter from the organization that is running the academic conference in the UK.

UK Conference Invitation Letters
UK Conference Invitation Letters
  • International Conference Invitation Letters

An invitation letter is an official confirmation of the payment of the registration fee for a conference, and the document extends an invitation officially to a paid registrant for attending and participating in the event which is set to take place in the United Kingdom. An invitation offers the invitee an official reason to visit the UK (i.e., partaking in a high-profile international academic conference). Such an invitation letter may be required by one’s university, company, or research institution for administrative purposes and will probably be one of the most crucial of all documents required for the purposes of visa application if one is from a country that does not have a visa waiver agreement with the UK.


To be eligible for an invitation letter, one must meet the following two criteria –

  • be registered as a regular conference participant (i.e., an audience member), or author of an accepted abstract and/or article;
  • have paid the full conference registration fee (those who do not meet the two criteria listed above often do not avail of Official Invitation Letters). 


If one’s invitation letter request is successful, their invitation letter will be emailed to them as a PDF attachment. Additionally, a hard copy will be couriered to their residence or workplace. However, one should bear in mind that because of the sheer volume of invitations that high-profile conferences organizers in the UK are likely to receive from around the globe for a single event, one should always allow sufficient time for their request to be processed.


  • Guarantee Letters

It is important to note that a guarantee letter is very different from an invitation letter. Depending on one’s professional situation, background and nationality, one may be required to present an invitation letter and/or a letter of guarantee. This is a letter in which a person or organization agrees to be legally and financially responsible for the recipient of the letter during their stay in the UK. One may know of a person or institution in the UK willing to act as a guarantor or, if one has no connection to the country, the UK immigration authorities may find it acceptable for their university to act as their guarantor. Some conference organizers are known to provide such letters of guarantee to participants that meet certain eligibility criteria.


  • Additional Visa Support

Any questions/concerns regarding the status of one’s visa can be directed to the UK Immigration authorities or the British Embassy in their home country.


If one’s visa application is refused, it is important to note that the conference organizers will not be able to influence the decision of the UK immigration authorities, and these organizers will also most likely be unwilling to engage in discussion or correspondence with the UK immigration authorities or the British Embassy on one’s behalf. A lot of conference organizers aren’t even permitted to assist with the UK VISA Process 2023 beyond providing an invitation letter.


  • The Invitation Letter Request Process

After confirmation of conference registration, the conference organizers will send the registrant instructions on how to request an invitation letter. If all the information they receive is correct, the invitation letter usually takes between seven and twenty days to be processed. Registrants should, however, allow sufficient time for the invitation letter application process. Invitation letters are sent as PDF attachments. Some conference organizers even offer regular airmail options and trackable registered mail options at additional costs.


For Those Outside The European Economic Area & Switzerland

The UK’s academic conferencing culture is wonderful and attracts thousands from all over the world. Before setting about applying for the right type of VISA, one should first acquaint themselves with all the various types of VISA that the UK VISA and Immigration bureau offers. 


Short-Term Visitor VISA Is The Best For Conference Attendees

For those who are residents of countries that are not Switzerland and all the nations that comprise the European Economic Area, the Short-Term Visitor Visa is the best type of VISA to apply for, unless they also have other priorities in mind, in which case they should go for one of the several other VISA types offered. 




UK VISA Application Process
UK VISA Application

Once one has determined which VISA category they wish to apply for, one must choose between an online or offline application. There are numerous agencies out there that, for a small fee, will do all the work, but if one prefers to do the work all by themselves, detailed below is a step-by-step checklist to make sure one has all the information they’ll need to apply to the UK Embassy.


This explanation of the application process is divided into stages for ease of understanding. So, one cannot possibly miss any of the steps.


  • #1 

Fixing An Appointment With Your Local UK Embassy

One should remember to keep their application and legal documents safe and easily accessible before they leave their home for the Embassy. No embassy will accept walk-in applicants, and one will need to make an official appointment before their name can be called. One should ensure that all required documentation is kept ready in a folder with copies of the originals as one never knows when they might come in handy.


  • #2 

Arriving At The Embassy

On the day of one’s appointment, one will need to be early, at least fifteen minutes ahead of time. Being on time is the bare minimum and arriving late is not an option. If one is not there when they call their name, their application will not be accepted that day. Once the visa application process is complete and they have submitted all the necessary documents, one will receive an acknowledgment of receipt, which can be used later to retrieve their application.


  • #3

The Application 

Before submitting the file, one must ensure the following – 

  • the application form is filled incorrectly, 
  • the application is signed correctly, and 
  • the necessary documents are filed in order – as dictated by the visa regulations, and  
  • the photocopies of said documents have also been taken and filed. 

If not done correctly, one will receive another token, and one will need to resubmit the request. This will delay their process further.


Once one’s application documents are being checked, it will take around fifteen to twenty minutes to check them. One’s application form and travel documents will be checked, and if everything is in order, then the documents and their passport will need to be submitted to the Embassy until they have completed their verification and approval process.


  • #4 

Filing The Application

Once one’s application data is entered into the system, they will receive a hard copy of it which they must sign in front of the embassy officials. Before making that vital signature, one should take about ten to fifteen minutes to double-check that all the details entered are correct – there should be no spelling mistakes or misleading data.


In the meantime, one will be asked to pay a fee in British Pounds Sterling, which is the application fee, after which they will receive a receipt. One can pay more if they want to expedite their visa approval, but they should be sure to preserve the receipt in a safe place and return it when collecting their claim.


  • #5

Entering In Biometric Information

After all this process is completed, in the end, one will be asked to do a biometric scan using an electronic scanner. One should make sure their fingers and palms are clean and have no cuts, abrasions, smudges, or other marks, as this will affect their ability to deliver acceptable scans. The scanning process usually takes less than fifteen minutes, and the Embassy will send it within the next few days. One should remember to keep the receipt in a safe place, as without it, they will not get their passport back, and with this final step, complete their application process.


List Of Essential Documents Required When Applying For A Short-Term Visitor Visa

A Short Term Visitors VISA
A Short Term Visitors VISA


The following are the documents that one should have ready if they wish to apply for a short-term visitor VISA for the purpose of taking part in an international conference in the UK – 

  • the UK visa application form;
  • fairly recent passport size colored photographs (taken within the last six months);
  • an existing passport that must be valid for at least a further three months from the date of intended departure from the UK. One’s passport must also have at least a single blank page for the visa;
  • a substantial proof of means of subsistence to cover living expenses in the United Kingdom;
  • bank statements for the past six months;
  • a confirmation letter, confirming employment, and the last six payslips. This letter should include the period of employment, wages received, position held, benefits, and contact information for their company.
  • proof of accommodation stating where they will be staying for their entire stay in the UK, which could be with a friend or relative or at a hotel or hostel
  • one’s detailed travel itinerary which gives information about their UK travel plans as well as tickets, places they are going to visit, their meeting agenda, pre-booked tours (if any), agenda of their conference, etc.
  • tuberculosis test results, if one is from a country listed as a country requiring a prior tuberculosis test before coming to the UK for a period of more than six months;
  • proof of UK visa fees paid;
  • biometric information, but these are only required if one is applying for a visa for a stay of more than six months. As part of the application process (as mentioned previously), fingerprints and photographs must be submitted to the appropriate application centre;
  • a UK visa invitation letter from the organizers of the UK conference that one is planning on taking part in must be submitted if applicable. This is an invitation letter issued by a citizen, a legal resident or an organization registered in the United Kingdom stating that they have invited one to be their guest.


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