Top 5 Ultimate guide to Attend Tech Conference in Europe 2024

Technology is now changing in a way we can’t imagine, and implementing innovations in purposeful business approaches is the most crucial factor.

Whether you’re a business leader, tech enthusiast, or other tech-related professional, staying up-to-date is important to thrive and flourish in this transformational scenario.

In this term, tech conferences are always ahead of other resources essential to growing knowledge and expanding implementations. Attending the upcoming tech conferences in Europe in 2024 can be the next step to shifting into an upgraded version of yourself or your work in your specified domain.

Next year will be an advanced exploration of new technological scopes that can accelerate individual and organizational growth. However, knowing the necessary facts and information regarding these top five pipelined tech conferences can definitely make your evaluation and selection process more efficient and effective.

The Most Effective Upcoming Tech Conferences


Who should attend these conferences?

As the transformation in the technology landscape shows the enormous level of opportunities along with the competition, the importance of an in-depth understanding of technology and innovation is beneficial for those who are aware of the changes and want to upgrade.

Expanding business development and research knowledge for professionals from different fields is essential to flourishing globally.

As digitization is reshaping business development approaches, entrepreneurs, as well as business executives, need to focus on the scopes and challenges of the recent technological developments, which can contribute to their visionary decision-making for future prospects.

On the other hand, tech professionals like Developers and UI/UX Designers should attend these top conferences to get a leap into the new dimensions related to data analytics, education technology, or advanced software architecture.

Apart from that, these tech conferences in Europe in 2024 will be a great place for sponsors, exhibitors, and academic researchers to explore vast resources and build successful networking.

However, AI and Machine Learning professionals and IoT and robotics enthusiasts can find these conferences highly effective and resourceful to expand their knowledge and opportunities in their professional careers. 


What needs to be kept in mind before attending?

The European tech community is evolving by spreading new knowledge on the ongoing Industry 4.0 aspects by showcasing innovative developments in the digital domain.

One of the major goals of these conferences is to create an insightful understanding of the advancements of the technologies that can benefit a wide range of areas.

However, attending tech conferences in Europe in 2024 needs to be evaluated effectively to get the most benefit out of the attended conferences. Selecting the most suitable conference for your business or learning is the key criterion for your decision-making. Selecting the sessions by connecting with the speakers and the other attendees will significantly help you absorb and implement the learnings successfully.

Knowing the essential information about these five conferences can help you select the appropriate conferences and procedures according to your needs.

Please remember that physically attending the events can help you get the highest level of experience in learning and networking, which certainly can add professional expertise to your career.


Here the List of upcoming tech conference


          #1. INTED 2024 – 18th International Technology, Education and Development Conference

INTED 2024
INTED 2024

 Source Image

About the conference: Organised by the International Academy of Technology, Education, and Development (IATED), this conference will focus on education, technology, and development that can encourage an insightful development of future perspectives.

New technologies and innovative developments are reshaping the future of education technology, and this conference is solely dedicated to incorporating a wide range of works to share with interested entities.

The exhibition section of the conference aims to create a collective environment that benefits both the participants and industry executives through sharing resources and developing relationships.

Why you should attend this year: The 18th annual International Technology, Education, and Development Conference expects around 700 professionals from more than 80 countries.

INTED2024 will be one of the most important conferences on education and technology to enhance your work further through strategic cooperation opportunities. The systematic evaluation of the different innovations in education and technology is focused on creating a culture of learning and pioneering the future of education technology. 

Necessary information: The event invites abstract proposals virtually or in person for the conference before November 23, 2023, to share projects and experiences in education and new technologies.

The organization offers to feature the selected abstracts and journals in the IATED Digital Library publication in the Web of Science for conference proceedings. 

Date: March 4-7, 2024

Venue: Valencia, a vibrant city on the eastern coast of Spain


Early-bird registration (within 29th December, 2023): € 480 + VAT for in-person participants and € 260 + VAT for virtual participants

Standard registration (from 30th December, 2023 to 6th February, 2024): € 540 + VAT for in-person participants and € 330 + VAT for virtual participants

Late registration: € 570 + VAT for in-person participants and € 350 + VAT for virtual participants

Pro Tip: Proactive discussions with workshop experiences can enhance your understanding to bring back innovative strategies for your educational tech start up.


                                         #2. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Gartner Data & Analytics
Gartner Data & Analytics

Source Image

About the conference: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit is now considered a paradise for persons in data-related professions. The conference offers an effective gateway to the latest innovations and data science trends that can benefit you in the wider context.

Aiming to create digital business success and banish the most influential AI myths, this 2024 conference will provide a vast resource for understanding the data ecosystem in the current context. Focusing on the most important areas like AI/ML architecture, data, and analytics to security and leveraging the key D&A trends, Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024 will provide strategic approaches for business and research for accelerated change.

Why you should attend this year: As data-driven technology is the key driver of change, understanding current innovation opportunities and barriers is necessary for professionals.

The conference will arrange in-depth discussions and publications for entrepreneurs and data professionals to understand governance and privacy effectively. On the other hand, the attendees will be exposed to effective knowledge of the environment and social impacts of data-driven technologies, which is a crucial concern in the current transforming era of business development.

Like the previous year, attendees will be able to access more than 100 sessions that can help align data analytics with the potential business outcomes in the digital ecosystem. 

Necessary information: The easy-to-access registration process for the conference prioritizes flexibility for different participants.

Date: May 13-15, 2024

Venue: London, UK


Early-bird price (within 15th March, 2024): € 3,250 + VAT

Standard price: € 3,850 + VAT

Public sector price: € 2,975 + VAT

Pro Tip: As creating business value out of data-driven technologies is the key goal of this conference, proactive participation in the digital culture and connections with world leaders may benefit you for long-term business developments.


#3. ICCSSE 2024: 18th International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering


Source Image

About the conference: The International Research Conference program offers a wide range of scholarly exploration of advanced and latest innovations in computer science and software development.

This year, the event will feature the most impactful peer-reviewed proceedings with a wide set of resources through indexes like Open Science Index, OpenAIRE, WorldCAT and more. However, collaboration with the Special Journal Issue on Computer Science and Software Engineering is another important factor in this 18th International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering.

The event also offers diverse opportunities through the Conference Sponsorship Request Form for Paper Submission, Sponsorship and Exhibition, Author Registration, and Volunteerism.

Why you should attend this year: The 18th International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering offers the opportunity to explore a significantly wide range of publications for academics and professionals.

The attendees can contribute and explore peer-reviewed resources related to computer science and advanced software development frameworks cost-effectively.

This conference ensures you are connected with different people in the field and novel research materials that can accelerate your understanding of the current digitization process on a vast scale. 

Necessary information: The digital program of the event virtual meeting and pertinent reading of the recent advancements in software technology and computer science. A diversified segmentation of the participants, like listener or author registration, can easily attract your attention to attend the event.

Date: February 19-20, 2024 

Venue: Paris, France


Non-Student Oral/Poster Presenter Registration: € 450

Student Oral/Poster Presenter Registration: € 350

Listener Registration: € 250

Additional Paper Publication: € 100

Pro Tip: Getting in touch with the world-leading scholars in different areas related to advanced computer science and technology will help you to gather effective knowledge through the digital program of the conference.


                                    #4. TNW Conference – The Next Web

TNW Conference
TNW Conference

Source Image 

About the conference: The vibrant city of Amsterdam will host a unique blend of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship through this TNW Conference 2024. Connecting a broader set of innovative minds all across the world is the primary goal of this event.

This conference offers to showcase your company and innovations and gain experience from other successful entrepreneurs. Exploring the new wave of advanced technologies and business developments can ensure you create an integrated network of knowledge and resources. 

Why you should attend this year: Bringing together the tech giants, tech enthusiasts, innovative business makers, and thought leaders can certainly please your intellect and contribute to growth.

The futuristic approach of revolutionary aspects of the technologies like AI or blockchain has the potential to accelerate your capability in the business and technology domain. Apart from that, TNW Conference 2024 offers a highly interactive platform for governments, policy-makers, and international corporations, which is crucially important now for getting a guiding direction for your business or tech journey of advancing.

Necessary information: Europe’s one of the leading tech events features different programs that can contribute to your business processing and decision-making by attracting investors and more than 10,000 attendees.

The festival is certainly a medium for encouraging your inner curiosity and creating opportunities to work for your growth.

Date: June 20-21, 2024

Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Business pass (incl. VAT): € 600

Group pass (incl. VAT): € 480 for 5-9 individuals, € 420 for 10-14 individuals, € 360 for 15-20 individuals,

Women-in-Tech (incl. VAT): € 300

Pro Tip: Attending the event to connect with the business developers and investors is the most important and courageous approach you can take.


           #5. 19th Pipeline Technology Conference and Exhibition

19th Pipeline Technology Conference
19th Pipeline Technology Conference

  Source Image

About the conference: The 19th Pipeline Technology Conference and Exhibition in 2024 is planned to bring together the world’s leading professionals in the oil and gas industry with the goal of advancements in pipeline technology.

Generating knowledge and encouraging collaborative opportunities is a primary goal of the dedicated advisory committee of the event. The event is expecting more than 80 operators in the industry and more than 1,000 delegates, with around 80 exhibitors from more than 50 countries.

The conference focuses on aligning the industry with the changing landscape of innovations and advanced technologies for successful implementation.

Why you should attend this year: The opportunity to explore the current practices and future scopes can benefit you by developing an insightful understanding and direction in the industry.

As the technology ecosystem in this Industry 4.0 era is evolving through novel approaches for business development, the 19th Pipeline Technology Conference and Exhibition in Berlin offers you enormous opportunities to advance your career goals with a wide range of sponsors and investors along with world-class exhibitors.

Necessary information: Apply for the segments based on your requirements and interest within the deadline and fees detailed in the program overview section of PTC Registration.

Date:  April 8-11, 2024

Venue: Estrel, Berlin, Germany


Regular conference ticket: € 1,215 + VAT

Conference ticket for pipeline operators: € 1,125 + VAT

Conference ticket for students: € 59 + VAT

Conference ticket for Presenting Authors: € 650 + VAT

Pro Tip: Understanding new developments in the industry and collaborations with professionals can be the most effective approach to enhance your potential in this rapidly changing technology scenario.



Developing in-depth knowledge and networking opportunities at these top five European tech conferences in 2024 can allow you to embrace your potential by creating an integrated and knowledgeable environment for new learning.

However, the top 5 tech conferences in Europe always show a legacy of knowledge and newness in the knowledge development area that can offer versatile prospects for a diverse range of people and companies. You must access a new dimension of new technologies and their business or research prospects by selecting appropriate conference proceedings for you.



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