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Getting your research paper published is like a dream come true for many scholars and researchers. But it is also a highly believed myth that grabbing an opportunity of journal publication in a highly impacted or reputed journal is a one in a million chance. To wipe that myth from your mind,

Here Are 5 Steps To Follow To Get Work Published In A High-Impact Journal. 


  • Second Opinions

Always have a second opinion of an expert before submitting your work for any journal. You can have your professor or any known expert from the field review your work and make any changes if necessary. This will help you reduce the possibility of getting your work rejected. It is highly recommended to get your work reviewed before submitting it for publication. If possible, you might also come across a few special instructions to submit your work.

  • Astounding Abstract

The first thing the reviewer’s read before looking into your work is abstract. Hence, it is very important to have an astounding abstract. This abstract should be able to create interest in the reader to look into the further content. Having a perfect abstract will likely increase the chances of your work getting published in a high-impact journal.

  • Narrow The Niche

Most of the high-impact journals look for work that is specified to a certain area. It is important to narrow down your field of work and have a straight research problem if possible. The more focused your topic is the more chances of it getting a reputed journal publication.

  • Check The Guidelines

The work you submit should be according to the guidelines of submission of the selected journal. Most of the reputed journals have a particular way or method of submission. It is very important to submit your work according to the guidelines. The reputed journals take this process of submission very seriously. Most of the popular journals also have certain guidelines on how the work or articles should be written. So, it is crucial to look into their guidelines and make any modifications necessary to our existing work.

  • Be Open To Constructive Criticism

Even though you have followed every guideline while writing your work and in the process of submitting it, there is still a possibility of the journal leaving comments in response saying there is room for improvement. Do not let this let you down. Keep an open mind for such constructive criticism and look through your work again, this time comparing it to the reviewers’ comments. This will help you enhance your work and also increases your chance in getting a journal publication in a reputed one.

  • Resubmit

Once you have made the changes in your work and have produced a better version of it, do not hesitate to resubmit your work to a journal that has previously rejected you. There is nothing wrong with resubmitting your work. There is a possibility that the reviewer had remembered your work, found it impressive but felt like it wasn’t up to the mark or missing something. This will give you an opportunity to get published, as you have now rectified your mistakes.

Now that we have looked through the important steps that help you grab an opportunity for getting a publication in a reputed journal, it is time for you to checkout Conference in Europe to find a perfect journal for you. You can find the journals listed accordingly and start working towards getting your journal publication.


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