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Planning and marketing academic conferences anywhere on the planet, not just in Europe, is a highly strategic process. Conference organizers have to constantly assess present and emerging trends to stay ahead of their competition. While a conference organizer’s goals and promotional tactics will be defined by their industry’s unique environment, there are key universal strategies that should always be part of the conference marketing mix. Most conference organizers are completely unaware of these secrets, but this is where partnering with a highly reputable platform such as Conference in Europe comes in handy.

Promote your European Conference and Events
Promote your Conference and Events


  • We Help You Differentiate Your Conference

In our marketing content, we’re always sure to highlight the key factors that set your event apart from your competition in the same industry. We build your brand appeal by highlighting the unique value your organization brings to the industry and those associated with it. This is how we effectively help your organization create an emotional connection with attendees and exhibitors. Organizations and professionals place a lot of importance on maximizing their return on investment when considering which events to attend. Our conference marketing experts emphasize the value that only your conference can bring.


  • We Capture Accurate Demographic Data To Give Your Upcoming Conferences The Advantage

Knowing and understanding the roles and requirements of your audience is extremely important. As part of our conference marketing plans, we realistically address attendee aspirations. In order to facilitate this, we find that it’s crucial to capture accurate data on prospective attendee demographics. This is even more crucial when considered in the context of engaging young professionals and new participants. Nevertheless, despite efforts aimed at young professionals, most conference organizers do not capture age information. Clearly, conference organizers need to put better processes in place to capture and analyze demographic data. Luckily for those European conference organizers “who don’t know where to start, we’re here to help!”


  • We Engage Your Target Audience & Participants Throughout The Year

Acquiring new registrants to your conferences is always more difficult and resource-intensive than keeping your current ones engaged. At the end of an international conference in Europe, we find that it’s always a good idea to keep in touch with attendees and invite them to share their feedback on what worked and what didn’t work for them at your event. We then assist you in fixing any reported issues and improving your next conference by eliminating the root causes behind those issues. We also celebrate the successes of your exhibitors and attendees by featuring them in our –

  • newsletters,

  • articles,

  • social media promotions, and

  • blog posts.

Most conference attendees are heavily influenced by the recommendations and experiences shared by former attendees in their space. We help you leverage this sentiment to the fullest.


How Can We Help Take Your Conference To The World?


We help take your conference to the world
We help take your conference to the world
  • We Create Spellbinding Conference Landing Pages

Over half of all successful conference organizers attest to the fact that their own websites are the most effective channel to market their conferences. This simple strategy for online marketing is not to be overlooked. We find that it’s vital to create a dedicated landing page on a conference website for your conference and make sure it’s optimized for conversions. We then direct your general website traffic to this page through our blogs and other pages on this site, as well as send traffic directly to it from social media, display ads, and pay-per-click campaigns. These landing pages are effective ways for people to register for your event. We then follow up with other marketing methods such as emails and social media posts.


We find that it’s important to create a page for your conference well in advance of the event date, even if the details aren’t finalized yet. This not only allows us to accumulate the details of people who show an early interest in attending, but it also helps us improve SEO and build your authority before our major marketing campaigns begin.


  • Our Top-Notch SEO Game

You’re probably aware that using keywords to rank a conference website or published content with search engines is an important conference promotion strategy. We use keyword planner tools like Google Ads to discover the relevant words your target audience searches for most often and include them in the content we use to promote your conferences.


We also discover pertinent keywords using a simple Google search. In addition, we refer to things such as –

  • automatic entries;

  • the results’ People also ask’ section;

  • the section titled ‘Related Searches’, which is located near the bottom of page one.

From these results, we find other words to include in our online promotional copy.


  • Our Knack For Posting Attention-Grabbing, Innovative Content On The Regular

Blogs on the conference site are important, but we find that it’s vital to reach new audiences beyond that in order to find new participants. We do this by creating guest posts or thought leadership pieces that others will be happy to share.

 Again, the details of this usually heavily depend on your event. Industry conferences, it’s relatively simple because we can create an industry report or offer a white paper that combines the best advice from all the stakeholders. For mainstream academic conferences, this might be less obvious. We normally create –

  • infographics,

  • gifs or other interesting visuals,

  • write about the latest trends, or

  • produce a series of YouTube videos or podcasts that grab your target audiences’ attention.


 A Proven Track Record For Sustained High ROI On Paid Ad Campaigns 

High ROI On PAid Ad Campaigns
Paid Ad Campaigns

We can’t always depend on free, organic marketing techniques if we really wish to optimize our reach and conversion rates. We will probably need to invest money in paid advertising options –

  • social media ads,

  • Google Ads,

  • re-targeting ads,

  • sponsored posts,

  • influencer marketing, etc.


When investing in these paid channels, we find that it’s crucial to understand their roles versus organic options –

  • Organic channels are affordable or even free, but we’ll probably have to spend a lot of time before we can get the results we want. Paid channels, on the other hand, can guarantee short-term results as long as the marketing budget provides for this, but they can get very expensive if done incorrectly.

  • Through experience, we’ve realized that it’s important to strike a balance between the two in our overall event marketing strategy.

  • Another way to stay competitive while promoting a conference is to use social media and Google ads. This is one of those conference marketing ideas that help us compete with and do better than other conferences that may be happening on the same day as yours.


How do we create social media and Google ads that effectively promote your event online?


  • We monitor and update announcements as often as possible. We also A/B test different graphics, text, creatives, and videos so they all resonate with your target audience.

  • We consider the urgency and the deadline. If your conference registration fee is expensive, it might take people longer to decide to register. They’ll probably want to consider budgets and other events they can attend for less. We help with determining exactly what your target audience likes.

  • We being promoting early on via ads, even if it’s just a date reservation, we give your target audience the time they need to think.

  • We use re-targeting. Most people who see the conference on social media or the conference website won’t convert the first time. For this very reason, we use retargeting ads to convince them to sign up or get a ticket.

  • We include giveaways in our ads. Incorporating giveaways or contests into our ads help us drive further engagement and therefore encourage sign-ups.

  • We maintain brand consistency throughout. While we may need to change our copy, graphics, and buttons all the time, we make sure to keep our branding consistent at all times. The target audience must recognize the event, regardless of the platform on which they see our promotions.

  • We feature renowned speakers in our ads. By featuring opinion leaders or celebrities who will be attending your conference in our ads, we have the capacity to increase attendance at your conferences.


  • We Know How To Leverage The FOMO Of Target Audiences

We leverage the ‘fear of missing out that exists amongst your target audience. We use content like videos or pictures to show them how they’re like to lose out if they don’t attend. Contrary to popular belief, people are most interested in a conference when they feel they will lose something valuable if they don’t take part. Although cliche, copy such as “This conference offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to……” remains effective when implemented correctly. When incorporated into either a marketing email, a social media campaign, a blog post, or a tweet can help spark curiosity about your upcoming event.


  • We’ve Mastered Conference Promotion Via Social Media

According to research, over four billion people use social media, with the typical user spending two hours and twenty-five minutes daily on these platforms.

 For this very reason, social media marketing remains one of the most effective conferences marketing strategies.

 The people you want to reach out to are probably active on one or more of the many social media platforms that exist out there, and that’s where we reach them.

Once we’re on the target platforms where your target audience is, we use the steps below to effectively promote your conference on social media –


  • We Being By Choosing The Right Platforms To Target 

Depending on where your target audience spends most of their time, our marketing experts choose platforms that can help us promote your conference.


  • We Proceed To Create A Catchy Conference Hashtag

Our copywriting experts come up with an entirely original, concise, and yet easy-to-understand hashtag for your conference. This way, we can include it in all our event-oriented posts, and your target audience can use it to be a part of the larger conversation.


  • We Create Google & Facebook Event Pages

Google and Facebook event pages help us raise awareness of your conferences, provide your target audience with valuable information, engage with them, and more. More importantly, this is one of those conference marketing techniques that helps us generate social proof.

 When people see that their friends are interested in going to a conference, they may want to check it out. Also, with Google and Facebook events, we can add so much information about your event, including a –

  • description,

  • event time,

  • links,

  • calls to action, and more.


  • We Fully Leverage Platform Features 

Each platform has features we can leverage to publicize your conference. For instance, we use the countdown sticker on Instagram, geo-filters on Snapchat, or filters and stickers on TikTok. With them, we can personalize messages, engage attendees, create awareness, and more. 

  • We Effectively Use Teasers

We share teasers with relevant conference details to create buzz and provide additional event information. This is one of the conferencing marketing strategies that help us introduce your guest speakers or share interviews.

  • We’ve Invested In The Right Tools

We take complete advantage of tools that help us streamline processes and save a whole lot of time with our social media promotions. For instance, automated tools help us –

  • organize content,

  • edit online videos,

  • schedule posts,

  • monitor audience responses, and

  • analyze post-performance.


These tools also help us create a social media event promotion calendar that guides our overall marketing strategy.

  • We Offer Previews

We promote your conferences on social media by giving your target audience a preview of what to expect during these events. These can include photos and videos of the program, venue, or speakers.


  • We Host Giveaways

Giveaways and contests are techniques that we use to drive engagement and increase registrations. In this case, we encourage potential attendees to use the conference hashtag to enter and ask event sponsors to provide items that can be given away as gifts.


 Our Email Marketing Prowess 


Email Marketing
Email Marketing

According to research, email is among the three most effective channels organizers can use to promote their conferences.

 We use it to generate interest before you even open registrations for your conference and use it to encourage signup or signups.

 We begin by integrating powerful CRM tools into our email marketing platform. This way, we’re able to easily collect target audience data, segment marketing emails, and compile an organized list of people we can engage with throughout promotional campaigns.


We then take advantage of these event email marketing best practices –

  • we send informational emails to let your target audience know about an upcoming event;

  • we promise exclusive offers to potential attendees;

  • we encourage users to share their email by embedding social identifiers in our emails;

  • we continue to send event details to people who have already registered;

  • we encourage people to ask event-related questions via email;

  • we use urgency to remind people of the conference and encourage registration. We also remind registrants of important dates related to the conference.

  • we thank participants for attending the event after it’s over.


 We’re Pros At Remarketing 



In the capricious world of the internet, remarketing offers conference organizers the opportunity to reconnect and remain in the minds of attendees. The principles of remarketing are quite simple. We use Google to place a specific tag on the conference website. Those who view this page will find targeted advertising that appears to follow them to other websites.

With remarketing, the major step of a website visit can turn into a series of touchpoints on engaging platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook and lead to a conversion. As your target audiences’ journeys lengthen before action, remarketing is our best ally for delivering a consistent and persistent message across the web.

Remarketing has proven to be an incredibly effective tool we use, but it can also be very intrusive. Your target audience may be used to being “chased on the Internet” by offers of flights based on our search terms, but they may not be as comfortable with an early offer for an academic conference that pursues us in the same way.

There’s no doubt that remarketing is incredibly powerful, but with data privacy concerns raised by recent scandals, we find it important to use these tools wisely and, above all, tactfully. After all, we have nothing to gain by eroding the event’s brand equity.

 How we ace remarketing-

  • we create an announcement for those who have visited a specific speaker biography page with their topic in the title;

  • we create a remarketing ad for each conference or sponsor giving them their own pages on the conference website.

  • we build a countdown to early bird registration deadlines in our copy to create a stronger call to action.

Promote Your Conference On Conference In Europe & Witness Increased Attendance

Now that you’re aware of all the ways in which listing your upcoming conference on the Conference in Europe platform can help boost registrations and attract larger audiences to your events, reach out to us to add your conference & events immediately, to begin seeing immediate results.


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