How to get the Conference in Europe 2023 with Invitation Letter


European conferences are some of the best around the globe. Getting an invite to such an event required more than just a demonstration of interest. This blog offers details on how to make the most of these events.

Answering A ‘Call For Participation’ Or ‘Call For Speakers

Also called “CFP”, the Call for Participation is where European conference organizers ask interested people to demonstrate their interest in attending their conference. If you’d like to speak, present, or just be present at such a conference, check if the conference has a CFP deadline. If this date isn’t clearly stated in any of the organizer’s communications, you may need to do some digging – heading over to the conference website should be your first choice. You could also email the conference organizers. Some like the following –

Sample conference invitation letter format
conference invitation letter format


  • Reach Out To Mentors/Colleagues Who’ve Spoken At A Top European Conference Before

Most conference goers have day jobs or also want to spend more time with their families. Thus, they cannot afford to take time off to familiarise themselves and pally up with the organizers of the top European conferences that they wish to get an invitation letter for. It may be good to ask for a referral from mentors or colleagues, and they will pass your contact on if they believe you can talk about a specific topic. Pluses if you have a website with your profile, a photo to use for the poster, and topics you’ve covered before.


  • Follow The Conference On Social Media

Conference organizers want people in seats. In order to get people in the seats, they need people talking about the conference – especially on the internet. A great way to get an invitation letter to a conference in uk is to be a big supporter of prominent speakers, domain experts, and renowned researchers on social media. Share photos on LinkedIn. Live tweet the conference when you attend. Your messages act as word of mouth (WOM) marketing and help the conference reach more people. If you’re so loud when you’re a participant, the organizers will imagine how you’ll promote them if you’re an invited participant, speaker, or presenter of their event. This is the thought that will probably cross the minds of conference planners. Share in this content that you would like to be a speaker, presenter, or participant at next year’s event.


  • Showcase Your Expertise Through Written Content

Whether it’s in a renowned journal, Facebook post, an Instagram photo, an average article, or a Vlog, share some learnings and give value to others. This is something you should yearn to do more of. You could even start posting a few videos on popular Facebook communities about your experiences, expertise, and insights. Writing and publishing on a certain subject is a passive way of linking your interest to certain expertise. This will let conference organizers know your value in the discipline, and they will then reach out to you with conference invitations.


  • Let Your Need For A Conference Invitation Letter Be Known

Most organizers of top conferences in Europe are not oblivious to the fact that many attendees (sometimes even those from within the European Union) require formal conference invitation letters in order to obtain permission from their reporting authorities to be granted leave to take part in the event. If the country that they belong to doesn’t have a Visa Waiver pact with the European Union, then they will also need an Official Conference Invitation Letter in order to obtain one. In this case, one can request the organizers of the event for one. The request can be framed as follows –


Sample conference in europe with invitation letter format
conference in europe with invitation letter format



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