Best Cities for Conferences 2023 in Europe

Europe is emerging as a modern hub for conferences and events. It is one of the most flourishing and innovative metropolises in the world. Moreover, its rich history of literature, industry, and economics makes it one of the best destinations for international events.

From conventional trade show venues to state-of-art exhibition centers, European event organizers have so much to pick from. Are you also planning to attend or organize a European international conference anytime soon? If so, we got the top seven European cities to target in 2023. Every venue has something lucrative and unique to add to your expertise and CV. Let’s dive into the details!

Top Cities for International Conferences in Europe?

The top seven European cities are emerging as promising international event destinations in 2023.


London makes for a remarkable destination when it comes to organizing international events. With centuries of rich history, culture, and technical advancements, London is a flourishing hub for business expansion and research.


Why is London an Important Destination for Conferences?

Here are the top features that make London a great destination for international events.

In London, the international conferencing scene helps convene, catalyse, and invest closely with key stakeholders to build thriving and all-inclusive research and innovation systems.

  • Diversity – London has emerged as one of the most diverse cities in Europe. With over 300 languages spoken, the cultural diversity of this global city is unmatchable. This characteristic can immensely help in making event attendees comfortable.
  • Bright Scope – Apart from diversity, London offers many fields to explore and research. Many organizers choose this city to host Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Actuarial Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering conferences.



Paris – the heart-throb of the world – is an emerging epicenter for research, innovation, and universities. It is also becoming one of the world’s leading crucial business and power centers. All these characteristics make Paris a hot cake for international event organizers.


Why is Paris an Important Destination for Conferences?

Here are the top factors that make Paris a promising destination for international events.

  • Popular Destination Paris has been one of the top choices for international events lately. Many leading event organizers choose this vibrant city to organize conferences and events.
  • Rich Culture – Paris’s rich culture and heritage make it a hot cake for hosting international events. As a result, many researchers head to this city to attend events and gather data for their next research topics.
  • An epicenter for Innovation – Paris has been a core for innovation and research. Many students travel to this city to update their research statistics and seek innovative research ideas.


The eclectic city of Rome has so much to offer to its visitors. Besides breathtaking monuments and swanky skylines, Rome is also home to path breaking innovations. Once the architectural epicenter of the world is now a bustling research subject among students and scholars. Needless to say, Rome is steadily becoming one of the best destinations for international events.


Why is Rome an Important Destination for Conferences?

Let’s have a look at the top factors that make Rome a popular destination for international conferences.

  • Brilliant Facilities – Many factors make Rome a hotcake for international events. And one is the brilliant range of facilities this magnificent city offers. Most of the popular hotels provide outstanding conference facilities and meeting rooms. The state-of-art audio-video equipment will add immensely to your event’s quality.
  • Better Client Communication – With so much to offer your potential clients – organizing events in Rome is worth your investment. You get more resources and time to invest in client communication and entertainment.
  • Incredible Guest Programs – Rome can help organizers plan the best guest programs for their attendees. With so much to explore, designing an enriching guest program will be easier for the organizers.


Lisbon city has also played a vital role in European economic and technical development. With lavish accommodation options, easy connectivity, and incredible research scope, Lisbon is emerging as the best event destination. It is why some of the most influential industry experts, thought leaders, and policymakers prefer to organize their international conferences in Lisbon.


Why is Lisbon an Important Destination for Conferences?

Lisbon is a rapidly developing city that has so much to offer during international events.

  • Business-Oriented Environment –  International conference are an almost daily occurrence in Lisbon. It increases your chances of meeting like-minded people that intend to expand their businesses in the coming times.
  • Perfect Venue – Lisbon offers a vast range of venues specially planned for corporate meetings. Apart from this, you can also contact leading universities and colleges to host academic conferences.


Prague is a dynamic and modern European city. It is also known for its cultural heritage and ancient architectural monuments. Do you know the best part about holding events in Prague? The authorities allow you to plan conferences at historical monuments or lavish contemporary venues. All these things make Prague an attractive, extraordinary destination for all international events and conferences.


Why is Prague an Important Destination for Conferences?

Here are the top factors that make one of the fastest economically progressing cities for Prague conference

  • Value for Money – Prague authorities offer excellent infrastructure and hospitality at affordable prices. Moreover, event participants can stay in hotels, hostels, homestays, etc.
  • Excellent for Researchers – There is so much unsaid about this European city. It offers versatile research options for academicians, scholars, and researchers.


Are you planning an international conference event in 2023? If so, Berlin is all set to offer an unforgettable event experience. This German capital city is a growing entrepreneurial location. It is also an attractive destination for large-scale international events. Many leading scholars, authors, and researchers consider Berlin a perfect convention and event host.

Why is Berlin an Important Destination for Conferences?

Here’s why Berlin is becoming an important destination for international conference

  • Excellent Networking Opportunities – Being one of the prominent cultural hubs of Europe, Berlin rolls out outstanding networking opportunities for researchers. As a result, many top academicians, scholars, authors, and professors choose this city to share their expertise and knowledge.
  • Great Accommodation Options – Berlin offers a wide range of affordable to lavish accommodation options. You can choose from hotels, motels, hostels, homestays, etc.


The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus is the soul of this Belarus capital city. Established in 1929, it is Belarus’s largest educational and research institution and a worldwide magnet for scholars and researchers. This vibrant city offers crucial learning and business networking opportunities to its visitors.

Why is Minsk an Important Destination for Conferences?

Minsk is rapidly emerging as a crucial destination for international events. Here’s why:

  • Top Keynote Speakers – Minsk is home to some of the best scientists, archaeologists, scholars, and authors. It means contacting the best keynote speakers is comparatively easier here.
  • Convenient Destination – This city is well-connected with different parts of the world, especially Europe. It makes it a convenient destination for international attendees. In fact, Rome serves as a perfect middle ground for most countries.

How to Choose a Conference Location – Europe?

The right venue makes a big difference when planning to host an international conference in Europe. These tips can help you identify the best location for your event.

  1. Check the Space – First of all, check the venue space. Here are some questions to consider:
  • Can the venue accommodate all the attendees easily?
  • Is there room for expansion, if required?
  • Can I plan an extra seating arrangement if needed?
  • Do I have separate rooms for breakout sessions?
  • Does the venue offer Wi-Fi and A/V systems?
  1. Proximity/Convenience – Your motive should be to provide maximum comfort to the attendees. So, ensure you choose a location that is near the international airport. Compare tariffs to pick the best option.9
  2. Facilities – Choose a venue that offers every possible facility to the attendees. For instance, A/V equipment, microphones, stages, projectors, Wi-Fi, etc., are a must in a venue.
  3. City / Country Guidelines – Lastly, you should read and understand the venue city’s event organizing and safety guidelines. It is crucial to ensure the 100% safety of all the attendees and adherence to the local laws.

That’s a Wrap!

So, it was all about the top seven European cities to look for in 2023. Every destination offers a unique blend of business and academic benefits. Moreover, all these cities are well-connected with the rest of the world.

The rich cultural and technical background offer brilliant networking and business expansion opportunities. Attendees can take their research work to another level by attending international events in these cities.


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